Interested in Volunteering?

IIBA Heartland is committed to establishing a culture of service, innovation and accountability by creating a network of volunteers to support our outreach to the Business Analysis community throughout the Heartland area. Volunteers make our chapter strong. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with our Chapter and build solid working relationships with other local business analysts. You can email Judy Sjogren Chapter Secretary at, with questions and ideas about volunteering. Some positions do not require IIBA Heartland Chapter membership.

 Chapter Committees

To provide for ongoing support of the Chapter, we are building several Committees. 

  • Elections
  • Events 
  • Professional Development
  • Heartland Chapter Conference
  • Finance
  • Member Services
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorship
  • Technology
  • Volunteers


Specific Volunteer Opportunities

Within each Committee, there are several volunteer opportunities available. You can choose to provide ongoing support or take on a small project. Every bit helps keep our Chapter growing and strong.  Interested?  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator! 

Event Management 

  • Help finding and coordinating with speakers
  • Research potential meeting spaces.
  • Booking meeting spaces.
  • Menu/food coordination and pick-up
  • Meeting set-up and/or take-down



  • Maintain website content
  • Market chapter events on LinkedIn
  • Market the Chapter via Twitter
  • Market the Chapter via Facebook
  • Manage eNewsletter advertisements
  •  Create eNewsletter brochure
  • Create IIBA Chapter membership brochure
  • Build a resource page on the website to share BA knowledge with chapter members.
  • Manager outreach program
  • Set-up tracking system for sponsors