Interested in Volunteering?

IIBA Heartland is committed to establishing a culture of service, innovation and accountability by creating a network of volunteers to support our outreach to the Business Analysis community throughout the Heartland area. Volunteers make our chapter strong. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with our Chapter and build solid working relationships with other local business analysts. You can email Judy Sjogren Chapter Secretary at [email protected], with questions and ideas about volunteering. Some positions do not require IIBA Heartland Chapter membership.

 Chapter Committees

To provide for ongoing support of the Chapter, we are building several Committees. 

  • Elections
  • Events 
  • Professional Development
  • Heartland Chapter Conference
  • Finance
  • Member Services
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsorship
  • Technology
  • Volunteers


Specific Volunteer Opportunities

Within each Committee, there are several volunteer opportunities available. You can choose to provide ongoing support or take on a small project. Every bit helps keep our Chapter growing and strong.  Interested?  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator! 

Event Management 

  • Help finding and coordinating with speakers
  • Research potential meeting spaces.
  • Booking meeting spaces.
  • Menu/food coordination and pick-up
  • Meeting set-up and/or take-down



  • Maintain website content
  • Market chapter events on LinkedIn
  • Market the Chapter via Twitter
  • Market the Chapter via Facebook
  • Manage eNewsletter advertisements
  •  Create eNewsletter brochure
  • Create IIBA Chapter membership brochure
  • Build a resource page on the website to share BA knowledge with chapter members.
  • Manager outreach program
  • Set-up tracking system for sponsors