2019 Heartland Chapter IIBA Business Analysis Conference and Professional Development Day

September 19, 2019
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
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Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center
12520 Westport Pkwy
La Vista, NE 68128


The Heartland Chapter IIBA is pleased to announce our speakers for our 10th annual Business Analysis Conference and Professional Development Day. 


Kit Welchlin – Keynote Speaker - Level Up Your Skills 


 A born public speaker and trainer, Kit Welchlin began public speaking at the age of 9 in 4-H. By 16, he was organizing and facilitating presentations on leadership, citizenship, community service and motivation for the 4-H and Future Farmers of America.

Kit Welchlin purchased his first manufacturing company at age 21, and by 26 was CEO and Chairman of the Board of three manufacturing companies in three states. He’s been an instructor with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, where he has been repeatedly nominated Outstanding Faculty. He is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

Kit has a B.S. Degree in Speech Communication, Business Administration and Political Science. He earned an M.A. Degree in Speech Communication and Business Administration

In 2014, Kit was inducted into the Minnesota Speakers Association Hall of Fame.

He has delivered more than 3,000 speeches and seminars to more than 500,000 people over the past 26 years.


Melissa DeLay – Keynote Speaker - Good Ways to Deliver Bad News

Good Ways to Deliver Bad News

Business analysts know leadership can be easy when projects are running smoothly, budgets are strong, and morale is high. But throw in a difficult situation—such as delivering bad news to management or communicating sensitive data to shareholders—and suddenly, even the most well-respected analysts are in danger of losing their influence.

During this session, Melissa will show you how to overcome the most challenging communication issues modern business analysts face today. 

Takeaways include:

  • How to confidently communicate upwards with managers, stakeholders, and key officers.
  • Communication strategies that can help position you and your team as credible in all circumstances.
  • Strategies for writing more effective emails.
  • How to deal with negative reviews and other awkward office moments.
  • Q&A period on real-life challenges.

Melissa DeLay – Breakout Session Speaker - How to Negotiate with Power Phrases

This interactive session will focus on learning and practicing the exact power phrases you need to successfully negotiate, gain influence in professional circles, and communicate with true confidence.

How to…

     • Negotiate when someone won't budge.
     • Navigate high-stakes conversations.
     • Speak up when your voice isn't being heard.
     • Ask for a raise or promotion.
     • Set the tone at a meeting.

Melissa DeLay is founder and principal owner of TruPerception. She has more than two decades of experience helping executives, managers, salespeople and customer-facing professionals gain the skills they need to communicate with confidence, regardless of the situation.


With years of strategic and corporate communication experience – including senior positions with some of Minnesota’s largest and most influential companies – Melissa knows how to deliver the right words, in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement and build a stronger brand.


As a sought-after speaker, executive coach and consultant, she excels at changing the way people think about their interactions with others. Her focus on truth, clarity and positive perceptions has helped countless professionals become more effective, respected and influential communicators.



Sinikka Waugh, PMP – Breakout Session Speaker - Living Your Values at Work

Description: Many of us have multiple opportunities each day to demonstrate what we hold as our values. Unfortunately, when we are less than intentional about this, sometimes, our priorities and the things we value become muddy and less evident to others in the daily grind of the workplace.  Energetic and engaging facilitator, Sinikka Waugh, invites you to join her relentlessly positive pursuit of _even better_ in this breakout session to explore living our values at work. 

In this session, she’ll introduce a methodology that helps us to:

  • Reflect on our priorities and values
  • Inspect the extent to which we are representing those values on a daily basis
  • Connect with the people and work that align with our values
  • Eject any of our own behaviors that do not align • Protect the activities that support our personal and organizational mission
  • Respect those around us

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Encounter a memorable approach for living your values at work
  • Gain practical, easy-to-apply tips and techniques to help you on a day-to-day basis

Learning outcomes:
By attending this course, participants can:

  • I can describe how my values show up at work
  • I can Identify one action I will take to improve the way I live my values at work  


Sinikka Waugh, PMP, President and CEO of Your Clear Next Step improves businesses and communities by helping people in their pursuit of even better at work. An energetic and engaging presenter, a compelling motivator, and a recognized "people-ist," Sinikka brings her background in project management, business analysis, and leadership to facilitate the success and processes to meet the demands of the situation at hand. Her authenticity in connecting with others and her results-drivent professionalism blends seamlessly with her positive, down-to-earch, "try this now" approach. 

She holds a BA from Central College and MA from University of Iowa, and is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute.


Rod Hill, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM – Breakout Session Speaker - Self Awareness Growth - Know You Are, Who

In leadership, making decisions is an essential quality. The experiences of your life, what you learn and who has been a part of your life have all contributed to your decision making process. Knowing yourself deeply helps provide discovery about your beliefs that influence the choices you make. In my presentation, I will share my journey to know who I am and hope to inspire you to grow your self-awareness through planning, techniques and use of assessments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Importance and influence of self-awareness on decision making
  • Learn about self-awareness tools and techniques, experience and apply them
  • Introduce the concepts of a Self-Awareness Resume, a Development Council, ad a Framework for self-awareness growth
  • Framework to plan self-awareness growth

Rod is an advocate of coaching, continuous learning and improvement, and advancing personal performance and excellence. He believes everyone has within them the ability to inspire through learning about themselves and sharing it with others. Rod considers himself a practitioner of self-awareness and encourages others to continuously learn about themselves and others, and is not a fan of comfort zones.

Rod has been with TD Ameritrade for over 10 years, 8 years as a Project Manager, and currently works as a Manager in Retail Operations, coaching continuous improvement. Prior to his current role, Rod worked at ConAgra Foods for 14 years as a Food Scientist in Research and Development, where he designed and developed frozen food products.

Rod volunteers with the Project Management Institute Heartland Chapter and recently served as the chapter President for five years. He has also volunteered with Brush Up Nebraska for 25 years, painting home exteriors of low income or disabled elderly homeowners.

Rod has a Bachelor’s in Management from Bellevue, University and an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. He is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, holds a variety of financial securities licenses and is co-inventor on a packaging patent. He enjoys being active and outdoors, whether bike riding, camping, fitness, do-it-yourself projects, volunteering or traveling.


Judy Alter, CBAP and Kathy Burnham – Breakout Session Speaker - Hear Our Journey from Waterfall to Scaled Agile

Business Information Project Management (BIPM) was formed in 2003 to support individual health, life and annuity products. BIPM operated in siloed business units until merging with Information Services (IS) in 2017. Our journey went from Waterfall to Scaling Agile with other stops. In late 2017, the Enterprise launched Agile Release Trains and adopted Scaling Agile as the main project framework.

Come hear us explain our journey from two different perspectives. We can help you start your journey or at least avoid some pitfalls.

Learning Objectives:

The keys to implementing Scaling Agile include:

  • Discussion of each of the frameworks we used
  • Create and Reinforce a Culture change
  • Implement from the Enterprise level
  • Business Analysts are key to any agile team
  • How to instill to not be afraid to Fail
  • Deliver Business Value to Customers


Kathy Burnham is an Information Services Director at Mutual Omaha Insurance Company managing the IT resources that include Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Analysts, Developers and Scrum masters supporting two of the company Business Segments.  She has a BSBA in Business from Creighton University and has been at Mutual of Omaha for over 40 years in various positions.   Kathy was a Business Analyst and has managed Business Analysts for 30 years.  She was instrumental in establishing the Heartland IIBA Chapter and has served on the ESI Leadership Board for three years.

Judy Alter CBAP ® , FLMI, ACS, HIA, PCS is a Senior Business Systems Analyst at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. She has a BA in Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been at Mutual of Omaha for 34 years. She is currently in a Business Segment supporting Individual Health Products. She has been involved in the Heartland IIBA Chapter since the beginning. She was Chapter President for two terms and also deeply involved in the Annual Conference. She is a former Regional Director for IIBA and has been Chair of the Global Chapter Council since September 2017.



Deanna Hanes, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP – Breakout Session Speaker - Lean Coffee

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with your peers? Then Lean Coffee is the right place for you. As a participant you help drive the agenda based on the priority set by your group. You will come away from the session knowing how to facilitate your own Lean Coffee as a meeting tool, learning opportunity, or retrospective technique. 

For over a decade, Deanna Hanes has been fortunate to be an aspiring Servant Leader on exceptional Agile teams in the Department of Defense, Healthcare, and Financial Industries. She has a passion for helping teams embrace their Agile mindset in order to help them solve problems and deliver value for their organization.



Tamara Copple – Breakout Session Speaker - Business Process Redesign - What to Know Before You Commit

Is your organization continually adding technical band-aids to solve its business problems? Does the IT team put clearing technical debt in the same risk category as bungji jumping with a worn out cord? Have business processes become so complex only no one remembers why that process was put in place? Business Process Redesign may be an answer....but it's not for the faint of heart. In this session you'll learn what BPR is, what it isn't, and how it differs from process management. If you want to go from reactive to proactive and get back on top of your business process game, you won't want to miss this.


Business analyst by day, evangelist for women in STEM by night, Tamara Coppel is a senior business analyst with Kansas City headquartered nonprofit Children International. She is also vice president of the Kansas CIty Chapter of IIBA, and on the leadership team for Kansas City Women in Technology.



Rose Gunia, CBAP, CDMP, DGSP, CSM, IIBA-AAC  – Breakout Session Speaker - Show Me a BA Without....

We all have a story to tell. Our past shaped our present. Our present shapes our future. Drawing on personal experience including agile transformation, topics will be covered that all professionals will relate to such as passion, fear, failure, etc. Regardless of how many years of experience you have (or don't have), come and unlock that creative creature inside you to help face your own challenges and commit to growth.

Rose Gunia was one of the first 3 CBAPs in the state of Nebraska. She was among the group of 6 individuals who founded the Heartland Chapter and served in 3 board positions. She co-chaired the first conference for the chapter, now in its 11th year. Rose has experince in project management, management, testing, application development; but her passion is Business Analysis. She works for a leader in the on-line trading industry. She is also a certified Scrum Maste, IIBA-AAC and a data-governance professional. 


Rachel Fox  – Breakout Session Speaker - Gather 'Round - Use Storytelling to Increase Your Influence

Can you imagine making it through life having not heard a good story? Our entire lives we’ve heard stories. Stories move us, stories motivate us, stories stay with us. The truth is, we are neurologically wired to remember stories. That is why you must learn how to tell a good one. Gather ‘round and learn how you can use storytelling in every area of your lives. Learning this important skill will help you gain influence, fortify your why, help you resonate and build a connection with others. Join entrepreneur and community leader, Rachel D Fox as she uses her own stories and techniques to help you develop your own.

In this the session, you’ll learn storytelling techniques to help you:

  • Fortify your Why
  • Resonate and engage with your audience
  • Build a connection
  • Gain influence

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Develop storytelling skills to apply in every area of their lives
  • Craft their own on-demand story
  • Learn how to tell someone else’s story

Learning outcomes: 
By attending this course, participants can:

  • Use storytelling to gain influence
  • Become comfortable connecting a story with an “ask”
  • Embed storytelling in their everyday lives


Rachel Fox is an entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker, community builder, and advocate of positive change. She is a wife and mother of 10 beautiful children and has an unwavering faith believing that nothing is impossible. She is the proud owner of Catapult Consulting Solutions, a business consulting firm providing a wide variety of services designed to help individuals and organizations achieve massive success. Rachel is President of Fox Flooring, a flooring, and remodeling company operating alongside her husband, Brent Fox. Before leaping into entrepreneurship, she worked at several companies developing her skills in sales, marketing, web development, project management, strategic planning, and education.


Throughout the span of almost two decades, Rachel has gained the hands-on experience necessary to ensure her clients achieve an all-encompassing success that lasts. From sales and marketing to training, professional and personal development, her knowledge base is vast, but one area is her number one specialty: creating positive change in people’s lives. Rachel is passionate about female empowerment and has taken her passions to the nonprofit world by founding You Go Girl. You Go Girl seeks to end the cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem by creating unique experiences and opportunities that promote self-love, self-awareness, wellness, education, and leadership.

In addition to her professional background, Rachel serves on the advisory board for the YMCA in Omaha and serves as the president for the Division of Continuing Studies Ambassador Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Rachel provides mentorship for students and adults, volunteers with students encouraging them to get involved with technology. Rachel has experienced darkness firsthand, including nearly losing one of her children. That experience quickly led Rachel to live a life that seizes opportunities without hesitation. She recently threw her hat in the ring for Mrs. Nebraska 2109 and is proudly representing her neighborhood as Mrs. Benson. Rachel placed 3rd Runner Up and won Best Interview. She has a mission to influence others to take huge leaps in life because “Why not?” No matter what life throws at her, she ultimately takes matters into her own hands and paves the way to her ever-evolving success story.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with family, writing, singing, and dreaming up innovative solutions to issues that are seen in her community.


Shonna Dorsey  – Breakout Session Speaker - Panel Discussion: The Technical BA and Developing Strong Partnerships with Solution Architects

During this panel discussion, audience members will hear from local pros about the steps they’ve taken to develop the skills to partner with solution architects within their respective organizations. These professionals will also share lessons learned and advice for those not only on a similar path, but those who partner with BAs.

honna Dorsey is Senior IT Consultant for Mutual of Omaha Insurance, a Fortune 400 organization. Shonna is an Omaha Nebraska native, a graduate of Omaha North High School and an alumnus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO). Her career includes business leadership, business development, training facilitation and project management.

Shonna is a community builder who serves on boards for several organizations dedicated to supporting workforce and community development initiatives throughout Nebraska including Heartland Workforce Solutions, Omaha Girls Rock, RISE, Heartland Family Service. Shonna is a Commissioner for the Nebraska Information Technology Commission. She is dedicated to efforts to provide access to career advancement and professional development opportunities.


As a panelist or sole speaker on the topics of opportunities in tech, women in tech, empowerment and leadership, Shonna enjoys candidly sharing her experiences including successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way to hopefully inspire listeners to reach beyond any self- or otherwise imposed limitations.


Kathy Eagan  – Breakout Session Speaker - Panel Discussion: The Technical BA and Developing Strong Partnerships with Solution Architects

Kathy Eagan is a Business Systems Consultant with Mutual of Omaha in the Senior Health Business Intelligence area and focuses on identifying systems and processes at Mutual that may impact the experience of our Senior Health customers.

Kathy has worked in the Information Technology field for 20 years in different companies with roles including Operations Analyst, Developer, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Epic Project Analyst, among others. She has also earned the Certified Scrum Master certification and has 7 years of experience with Agile processes. 

Kathy is married with 4 daughters and pets.  She loves learning new things, meeting new people, finding new ways to improve processes and exploring new solutions to support the customers she serves.


Naomi See  – Breakout Session Speaker - Panel Discussion: The Technical BA and Developing Strong Partnerships with Solution Architects

Naomi is a polyglot software engineer who started learning to code in earnest over 10 years ago. She has been a working tech professional for nearly 4 years and specializes in workflow automation. Her journey into tech was not a traditional one and took a chunk of her 30s to achieve. Naomi believes strongly that her prior career as an enduser service advocate has helped tremendously in her present role.

While working to achieve her goal to become a tech professional she attended: Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska) (Associates in Web Development), Interface: The Web School(Java Fullstack Course), and Bellevue Universityfor her BS in Computer Information Systems. All of this was while holding down a full-time job, a part-time job, as well as volunteering in the local tech community. Currently, Naomi is working on her Masters in Computer Information Systems from her alma mater. She is a big proponent that one must never stop learning and investing in themself.

Naomi has been involved in the local tech community in some capacity most of her journey. Her volunteerism and community organizing has also trickled into her present work life. She has: co-organized hackathons, women in tech panels, co-organized and mentored in a program for high school interns who did not identify as male, as well as evangelizes best practices around accessibility and automation at her present employer, Intrado.


David Hopp  – Breakout Session Speaker - Panel Discussion: The Technical BA and Developing Strong Partnerships with Solution Architects

David started working in technology as an intern while completing his degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After graduating he continued to do application development with Proxibid for 3 years and then moved into software consulting at Agape Red for 5 years. Following work as a developer, he moved into working with clients to discover business needs and how to integrate that into custom software. This work continues along with assisting companies with their cloud development needs at OpsCompass. David enjoys being involved in the community by participating in Careerockit, Omaha YP Summit, Omaha STEM Ecosystem, and being a member of the UNO Alumni Board.

David enjoys speaking and participating in groups to help encourage future generations into becoming technologists and growing the community. When not working David enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, doodle dog, and cat.

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Lean Coffee

Living Your Values At Work

Hear Our Journey from Waterfall to Scaling Agile

Business Process Redesign

Gather 'Round

How to Negotiate With Power Phrases