August Education

August 22, 2013
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Lincoln Financial Group
8805 Indian Hills Drive
Omaha, NE 68114



5:30-5:45               Check-In, Snacks, Networking and Announcements

5:45-6:45               Mark’s Presentation on ‘Story Mapping’

6:45-7:00               Q&A, Door Prize and Closing



Mark Davidson -  BIO

Mark is fierce about growing and mentoring people. He’s driven by the fact that he offers leading/bleeding edge thinking at a place where people and technology intersect with humility, receptivity, listening, active participation, and a true team approach. He has been a developer, a business analyst, a project manager and leader during his 30-year career.

Mark has been using and maturing the Agile model since 2001. At Chrome Systems his team successfully replaced the automotive configuration engine for the site in less than 150 days, with a full Java solution using Scrum & XP. In 2004 he implemented a 30-foot Sarbanes Oxley compliant Kanban wall for back end operations at Hollywood Video.

He was involved in designing Oracle’s initial process manufacturing suite, managing the integration of Platinum’s financial suite, and managing construction of financial applications at Hyperion.

His philosophy extends beyond Pillar and into his community. Mark enjoys mentoring people and has given thousands of hours feeding the homeless. For fun, Mark has remodeled 15 homes.

Mark Davidson – Vice President of Pillar Technology


Click the story mapping link below to view presentation.


Story Mapping in an Hour